Good news: The frustrating saga of long wait times for solar system approvals is almost over! Hawaiian Electric Co. recently finished approving several thousand-long delayed applications, and the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission is working hard on new rules to avoid future backlogs. With all of the controversy over longer wait times, it’s easy to lose sight of the enduring value of solar rooftop, which include substantial savings on your energy bill and doing your part to reduce Hawaii’s reliance on dangerous fossil fuels.

There’s also a significant difference between just “going solar” and installing a RevoluSun solar system, beginning with quality workmanship. Expert workmanship paired with top-notch technology is precisely what elevates RevoluSun’s quality installations above the rest.



“In offering the highest-quality materials and providing elite installation, RevoluSun offers the most cost-effective systems on the market,” said RevoluSun Chief Innovation Officer Eric Carlson. “Doing it right the first time means lower maintenance and operating costs and much less degradation of systems over time.”

Team members include North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, licensed electricians and specialized project developers who are trained beyond industry standards.

Next, by only using the world’s foremost, high-performance solar panels from companies with the best warranties and staying power, RevoluSun provides solar systems that are the most cost-effective and worry-free.


Quality also means better performance. For example, by providing Sun-Power X-Series Solar Panels, RevoluSun offers customers the most energy in less rooftop space. The X-Series panels produce 75 percent more energy per square foot over the first 25 years and have the most guaranteed power with a product warranty that covers up to 25 years.

RevoluSun is also well-known for its superior racking system that can span further distances and is made up of marine-grade “6000 series” anodized aluminum, which requires less drilling. Unirac, owned by the Hilti Group, an industry leader in commercial-grade materials, manufactures the racking. RevoluSun’s racking only requires half the holes drilled compared to other conventional systems: Fewer penetrations mean less wear and tear on the roof and less opportunity for leaks or system degradation.


Also, RevoluSun is one of the only CertainTeed Certified solar installers in Hawaii. More than 70 percent of the roofs on Oahu homes are constructed with premium CertainTeed roofing materials, and when RevoluSun installs a solar PV system, CertainTeed will still honor its manufacturer warranty for roofing materials.

2015 Summer Sweepstakes!


To get ready for summer, Smart Home Seminar attendees and other visitors to RevoluSun’s Ward Avenue showroom in June and July will be eligible to win a QuietCool Whole House Fan, an EV Clipper Creek Charging Station or an IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump. The sweepstakes ends July 31, with the winner announced in August. Check the website,, for upcoming seminars, free to the public.

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