How do you choose the right photo-voltaic (PV) system for long-term reliability? Does the contractor’s installation have long-term implications? What are the differences between the different roof racking system components, solar modules, roof flashings and inverters? Does the manufacturer’s warranty really provide protection for future problems? These questions, as well as others, are common, and Pacific Islands Construction LLC believes that the decision-making process should come with as much information as possible.

Pacific Islands Construction is a solar, roofing and general contractor. The company believes that the customer deserves honest answers, not sales’ talk. Every component of the PV system should be examined and explained so that the owner understands what they would be having installed. Securement components should be heavy duty and tested to meet high winds. It also is important to see samples.

Warranties should be explained, since a lot is excluded. Take the time to read them before you trust them. Many warranties do not cover shipping and many have clauses protecting the company, not the customer.



Your investment needs to be maintained, and PV systems need annual attention to help prevent failures to the modules, wiring and inverters that could cause system failures or even fires. A solar system’s maintenance should not be underestimated.

The solar industry in Hawaii has seen many companies come and go. If you check the landscape, you will notice some contractors are trying to offer new offerings to its core business. Due to the dependent relationship solar contractors have with its utility company, rule changes affect the sustainability of these contractors. What will happen when warranty issues arise and poorly installed, low-quality equipment starts to have problems?

Solar manufactures also are subject to viability issues. The financial reports for many solar equipment manufacturers are showing poor performance. It is important to know everything you can about your purchase.

If your net metering agreement has finally been approved, call Pacific Islands Construction — prior to committing — to have your system installed. The company provides five years of free cleaning and maintenance, protecting your investment. Pacific Islands Construction is a company that tries to protect its customers from issues by using only the best equipment and installation practices. If you are considering a PV system for your home, give Pacific Islands Construction a call at 841-7756, or check out its website at

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