Have you visited the most beautiful showroom on Oahu yet? If not, make some time to drop by Big Rock Manufacturing Inc.

Big Rock has been making rock products here on Oahu for more than 33 years. Owners Bonnie Cooper and Brian Joy first opened a small shop in March of 1983 where they made lightweight stone veneer, and have yearly expanded the stone line to include all manner of stone garden and pond products.


Big Rock was the first place on island to offer homeowners a way to easily and inexpensively create their own ponds and waterfalls for their home gardens, without digging a hole for the pond.


The above-ground pond concept was not intentional at the time, but a necessity, as Big Rock needed to find a way to display its ideas for ponds using the concrete showroom areas it had. So, Big Rock decided to build up — rather than digging down — using concrete blocks to make the shape of the ponds. To make waterfalls, the company simply used some of the many lightweight boulders that it casted, and it worked like a charm!

All a person needs to do, if they want to make their own pond or waterfall, is lay out a shape on the ground, using a rope or hose, measure the circumference, length and width, and bring that back to Big Rock. Cooper or Joy will calculate what is needed after.


The average pond of 5 feet by 8 feet takes only a weekend to do, and is a wonderful, fun family affair. Big Rock sells all the gear you need; including liners, pumps, underwater lighting, filters, foggers (to add the misty look) and of course, the cast-stone veneer to make it look natural. Add a few moss rock stepping stones leading up to the pond and you are done.


Ponds are a wonderful addition to any home and they do not need to be expensive. Cost is determined by the size, but you do not need a big pond to bring you pleasure and tranquility.

Drop by the showroom in Mapunapuna. You will see two ponds and many other displays for garden water features, such as water boulders, Japanese garden bowls and many precast waterfalls. There is a map online if you are unfamiliar with the area, just Google Big Rock Manufacturing Inc. or give the company a call. Big Rock welcomes you!

contact // 834-ROCK (7625)
web // bigrockhawaii.com