My name is Les Wong, and I was born and raised in Honolulu. In June of 1983, I became a licensed general contractor and started doing small renovations and repair jobs.

Around that same time, my only daughter Tanyce was born, so my days and nights were very busy, but still very enjoyable. Over the next few years, Wong Construction grew to where we could handle larger additions and even new homes.


Today, I employ a crew of four skilled craftsmen, including myself, and although I still consider us to be a small business, we are able to handle larger jobs. We have completed projects around the island of Oahu, from Makaha to Portlock, and can do everything from termite repairs to building million- dollar dream homes.


We work with outstanding sub-contractors — plumbers, electricians, etc. — and even draw plans and can design the home of your dreams. We also have great contacts that can provide financing, if the need arises.

Here are some comments from Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee, whose second story addition has been completed. “We are excitedly pleased with the outcome of the new addition and the renovations completed by Les Wong and his exceptional crew.


“Les and his crew were easy to approach, and they were willing to accommodate our unique needs. Les’ crew worked exceptionally well with him and with each other. We felt that the crew was more ‘ohana’ to Les than they were his employees,” expressed the Lees. The “Wong Way” means many things to us. It means quality work and quality materials, listening to the homeowner to ascertain their needs and fair negotiations of additional costs. It also means respecting the homeowner’s daily schedule, and approaching the homeowner with courtesy, friendliness and patience.

The Lees continued, “The dust has settled and we are enjoying our new home, especially the newly renovated kitchen — the hub of our family life. Les was more than generous when we expressed our need for a large counter and an open kitchen and dining area.

“In a heartbeat, we would recommend ‘The Wong Way’ for improving an existing home and for meeting a family’s needs for additional personal space. Mahalo, Les and crew, for making it happen for us.


“As you can see, after more than 30 years in the construction industry, Wong Construction still strives to do the best job possible, and always tries to satisfy every client. Thank you very much and remember, “Do it ‘The Wong Way!’”

contact // 542-9664