For those of us who are lucky enough to call Hawaii home, the price of living in paradise shouldn’t be an arm and a leg. Oriental Cabinet and Granite LLC agrees, which is why the company is making it its mission to give homeowners a break, offering wholesale pricing for all contractors, who may then pass the savings along to each customer.

“Wholesale distribution is a major focus for us, and is a very large segment of the local economy, as contractors are able to get better pricing and better product, and in turn, can pass those savings on to the homeowner,” explained manager Aaron Bolen.


By offering wholesale discount pricing to all contractors, the company is able to offer affordable access to the highest quality products. Bolen said, “Many customers in this day and age prefer a flat rate or a fixed price for their projects. But keep in mind, a contractor quote based on a flat rate includes usually the most cost-efficient products, but we have the answer. Not only do we offer a product that is high in quality, but we set our pricing to be cost efficient.”

No longer do homeowners have to settle for subpar supplies and services just to save a buck, as Oriental Cabinet and Granite has made a way to bridge the gap between budget-friendly and best quality home remodeling products.

Bolen further expounded upon the quality his company provides: “Our cabinets are solid wood (solid wood is sturdier and longer-lasting than par ticleboard), which makes this an advantage over the big box guys.” And as for the contractor? Bolen said, “At the end of the day, a contractor has expenses, which include insurances of all types, and subs to pay and hidden material/supply costs,” which is why this wholesale pricing option is so vital.


“An organized, professional contractor knows what he must pay himself, just to stay in business,” Bolen continued. “If we can offer wholesale prices to help his business succeed, and he can provide customers with a great, affordable product, it’s a winning formula for everyone.”

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