In March of 1983, two people started a business together here on Oahu, manufacturing a product that would improve the look of walls throughout the islands.

Brian Joy, a British soccer player, had some experience working with cast stone. However, Bonnie Cooper, a fashion designer and boutique owner from Canada, knew nothing of the construction or concrete business. Still, the pair worked long and hard hours together manufacturing stone veneer, and the pair named the company Big Rock. Today, the company has grown from a tiny two-person business to being world renowned for its excellent Hawaiian stone reproductions.


Considering the countless hundreds of thousands of square feet of Hawaiian stone veneer manufactured by Big Rock, it now is evident that Big Rock actually has been protecting the environment by not taking from the earth, but copying the natural stone instead.


Big Rock specializes in reproductions of Lava, Moss Rock, Ocean Reef Coral, Blue Rock and many other Hawaiian stones. The veneer is approximately 2-1/2-inches thick, lightweight, identical to the natural stone in color and surface detail, and easily can be installed on any existing wall surface — with the use of mortar.


The stone veneers are installed by contractors, but also by the homeowner, with helpful hints from Big Rock. Once it’s up, it’s there for good. To beautify property walls, Big Rock is the answer and the way to go, as there’s absolutely no maintenance. The older the material gets, the better it looks.

Stone veneer is a natural material to surround a fireplace; to accent a living room or kitchen wall; to beautify the exterior by using it as a wainscot around the bottom of the house; and many have used it to bring the outdoors in, by installing it in their bathroom.

If you’ve been thinking of a way to improve the look of your home or property, Big Rock definitely is the way to go. The company’s stone veneer doesn’t require maintenance and lasts a lifetime. Visit the store, located in Mapunapuna. Big Rock has a beautiful showroom that also showcases many beautiful stones for gardens. Drop by or give the company a call to get a quick estimate on what it would cost for the project you have in mind.

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