Warm days in May used to signify the start of frustration for Mary Lau. Ever since moving into her Waipahu home a few years back, Lau knew that Lei Day meant that summer heat was just around the corner, and try as she could, her home wouldn’t cool down.

“You know, a lot of homes in Hawaii aren’t made for air conditioning,” said Lau. “My home had no insulation and got a lot of afternoon sun. That heat would get trapped in my living room. Even with the A/C, it wouldn’t stay cool long.”


Fortunately, Lau’s brother had told her about the QuietCool whole house fan. Designed to cool the home by sucking the heat out of the living space and drawing fresh air inside, the QuietCool uses a fraction of the energy of A/C and can easily be offset with solar photovoltaic. It also is installed in the attic, isn’t visible outside the home and doesn’t require any fixtures to be mounted on the roof, which benefits Lau’s neighborhood.

Lau decided to move forward with this system and noticed an immediate difference. “I could feel the temperature of the house getting cooler,” she said. “The fan cools the rooms so effectively, with the hot summer months coming, it is comforting to know that our home now has sufficient insulation from heat and sufficient ventilation.”


Al Whitworth of Island Cooling explained one of the reasons the whole house fan has been so effective. “The whole house fan is perfect for the indoor-outdoor way we live. Rather than having to close windows and doors and hiding out with chilled air, the system takes advantage of natural airflow.”


Proven value and energy efficiency are not the only reasons why folks are opting to install this system. Norman and Lettie Kawashima of Mililani installed a whole house fan after considering one for five years. “It works like a charm,” Lettie said, “We’re moving into retirement and spending more time at home. It’s important for our home to stay comfortable.”

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s distributor of QuietCool whole house fans and other energy-efficient cooling solutions. Inquire with brothers Ivan and Al Whitworth. The company offers systems to cool spaces ranging in size from bedrooms to entire homes. For a free consultation or home inspection call 672-2300 or visit for more information.


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