Rui Construction Inc. and Building Supply prides itself on efficiency. On average, the company can build a standard two-story dwelling in four to five months. After obtaining the necessary permits, the company recently built a house from tear-down to completion in that exact time period. Sales representative John Xie said this is due to the company’s focus on working hard to get the job done. “We were fast, and all the workers worked very hard,” he said.

In addition to providing fast service, the company provides a range of supplies in its building supply store. A recent addition has been the hot-seller, LED crystal lights, which come in bright white and dim blue. The lights are suitable in living rooms, stairways and bathrooms. These LED light bulbs are guaranteed to work for 15 years with out replacement. Xie said the blue lights, which provide a dim glow, are great for watching TV and can be switched on to a brighter white for reading, entertaining and for all other times when you need a little more light.

While the team offers ideas and advice, the company is all about working with its customers to give them the build of their dreams. One of the most unique homes Rui Construction built was a house that featured floor-to-wall interior tile. With 4 by 4 feet tile on the first floor, and 6 by 4 feet tile on the second, Xie said the design was “really special; really unique.”

Generally, there is no dream too big or too small for Rui Construction Inc. and Building Supply. As Xie said, “My dad (Xiao “Rui” Xie, the company’s owner) always says it’s all about the ideas. If you think of it, we can build it.”

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