Is it time to replace your siding? Since there’s not much between the exterior and interior of your home, besides drywall and insulation, knowing when it needs to be fixed is pretty important. Here are five signs you need a new exterior with tips on what types of material will work best for your island home.


1. Your home needs to be constantly painted. If you’re repainting your home repeatedly, because of peeling and cracking, it’s a good sign you need more than paint to fix it.

2. When exterior damage becomes unsightly. Time, age and the elements can show in weathered, warped or deteriorated siding, depending on the material.

3. Insect damage. When termites make a home in your wood siding, it probably needs to be replaced.

4. Water damage. Sometimes you’ll see signs of water damage through water stains and discoloration in your siding or in the form of mold or wood rot.

5. Interior damage. When your wallpaper starts to sag or paint peels inside your home, this may indicate problems going on outside.


Windows Hawaii’s general manager Mario Garcia said, “When maintenance becomes a burden,” it’s a good sign you need to replace your old siding. To prevent repairing or repainting your existing siding, he suggests choosing vinyl or cement boards. It’s also an economical decision, since, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2015 “Cost vs. Value Report,” vinyl siding replacement returns more than 80 percent of your costs at resale.

Garcia specifically recommends Craneboard exterior siding for homes in Hawaii. With several design options, noise reduction, ability to reflect and absorb heat, and because it is maintenance-free and comes with a Life of the Home limited warranty, Garcia said Craneboard “is one of the best siding options for Hawaii’s climate.”

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