Hawaii is the leader in modern bathrooms in America, in spite of the U.S. being one of the last of the developed countries to adopt the use of a bidet as part of everyday cleaning. No one knows for sure why the U.S. has been so reluctant to adopt what is such a commonplace all over the world, but some suspect that it is due to, in part, the square footage taken up by a conventional bidet. Elsewhere in the world — particularly in Asia, Europe and South America— most would find it unsettling to enter a washroom devoid of a bidet. An estimated 80 percent of bathrooms include a bidet in these regions. Although the conventional bidet never caught on in the U.S., Toto Washlets (bidet-functioning toilet seats) are becoming increasingly popular in Hawaii.

With Hawaii being a diverse melting pot of cultures, it only makes sense that it is the first state moving towards adopting a bidet as a restroom standard. Toto Washlets’ recent popularity may be due to the fact that they take up no additional square footage than existing toilets, and offer a multitude of features not available in conventional bidets. The wash-let simply replaces a standard toilet seat, changing it from a regular toilet into a complete self-washing system. Many new condos being built in Kaka’ako include a power outlet next to the toilet specifically for a washlet.

The Bathroom Store is Hawaii’s biggest supplier of Toto Washlets, and has observed first-hand the increasing popularity of these wonderful devices. Toto’s constant pursuit of innovation has led to the release of two brand new washlet models, available in Hawaii for the first time this month at The Bathroom Store.


The newest entry-level Washlet C100 features a streamlined design with a convenient side control panel. It also ensures a hygienic and refreshing experience with an automatic deodorizer and a Premist™ that helps to keep your toilet bowl clean. This unit offers gentle aerated warm water for its front and rear sprays, with an oscillating feature. One can control the temperature of the seat, the water and the built in dryer to custom cater to each individual’s preferences.

The new Washlet C200 includes all of the great features found in the C100, as well as an easy-to-use remote control with an illuminated touchpad that can save your personal settings for up to two users. Both of these models are available in round or elongated, making it possible to add them to nearly any toilet.

Come into The Bathroom Store, where one of the company’s friendly associates can pair you up with a perfect washlet as well as all your bathroom needs. The Bathroom Store is not only the largest Toto, Ronbow vanity, Fleurco shower door and Fluid faucet distributor in Hawaii, but it also offers the full line of Jason and Americh bathtubs, Gatco accessories, Ayre Lighting, Jensen medicine cabinets, Panasonic fans, Mr. Steam’s steam baths, walk-in bathtubs and now kitchen sinks and faucets, just to name a few.

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