Diamond Head Windows owner Todd McKinstry started his first window replacement company after graduating from college in 1987. He built that company into one of the largest window and door replacement companies in California, with more than 400,000 windows replaced and seven company locations.

For the past seven years, McKinstry has focused his attentions on Hawaii and the unique challenges the Islands offer. “Ten years ago, a friend from Oahu encouraged me to expand my business to Hawaii,” he explained. “Once I began to meet with customers in Hawaii, I became aware of the fact that the majority of commercial windows available did not weather well in the Islands, particularly because of the weather, high ultraviolet light and corrosive salt. I went back to meet with manufacturers and began the process of getting windows made to suit our needs here. From screens to hardware to window design, I was able to use my experience and track record with manufacturers to get what we wanted built.

“Even with design modifications, most manufacturers would not include the parts that wear out in Hawaii (screens, hardware and frames) for more than a few years, primarily because of the high salt content in our air. I was finally able to get Amerimax, an international building product manufacturer, to not only meet our specifications, but also build with the quality needed to offer a lifetime warranty,” continued McKinstry.


As a result, Diamond Head Windows is the fastest growing replacement window company in Hawaii, and has been named “Hawaii’s Best” in the Honolulu Star Advertiser for the past two years. The company represents top manufacturers of windows, doors and siding.

Mark McKinstry, Todd’s brother, has been working with customers in Hawaii since 2007, and acts as co-owner of Diamond Head Windows.

Mark stated, “What Todd and I both enjoy about Diamond Head Windows is that as owners, we interact with every customer and visit each home personally. We are familiar with most every window and door available to Hawaii residents, and can use our experience to help homeowners select those that fit their needs and budget. We oversee the entire process, from working directly with the window manufacturers in the Mainland, to installation by our own employees, to ensure the best possible quality and value.”


If you are considering window, door or siding replacement, call Diamond Head Windows at 419-7500, or after hours at 799-8979, to set up a free in-home estimate. Take advantage of some of the summer sales that are in progress.

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