Kahala Pacific Floors is recognized by many local contractors and homeowners as the go-to source for quality wood flooring in Hawaii. Starting up more than a decade ago in the airport industrial area, this kamaaina, family-owned business is now located on Kohou Street in Kalihi. The space boasts a huge warehouse and a 3,000 square foot air-conditioned showroom.

“It used to be so awful sometimes,” laughed owner and president Shirley Pai Hilton, when remembering customers and herself perspiring and getting grimy in the old warehouse setting, all the while trying to make a rational decision about what color of wood flooring to get. Hilton is very proud of how far the company has come since those early days, and how she and her team have succeeded in their goal of making Kahala Pacific Floors and Pacific Imports International the most respected flooring names in Hawaii.


“Just look us up on Yelp,” said Hilton. “Our goal is to be the best flooring company in Hawaii, and I believe that everything we do — in the way of product quality and customer service — is aligned with this.

“We stand behind our products and service and make sure our customers are happy.” Hilton said that she has done work all over the island and can offer customers dozens of good, current references.

The Kahala Floors brand of engineered wood flooring especially has been an overwhelming success for the company since its introduction nearly a decade ago. Consisting of a top-wear layer of wood mounted onto a plywood base for stability, this high-quality product can be sanded and refinished sev eral times over, making it last a lifetime and beyond. Hilton said that engineered wood flooring trumps solids many times over, especially in Hawaii’s humid climate.


“I personally developed the Kahala Floors product line because I saw a need in Hawaii for a high-quality engineered wood floor that is made especially for our unique climate, lifestyle and decorating style,” said Hilton, who feels it would be a challenge to find anything of higher quality for a better price in Hawaii.

Besides its trademark Kahala Floors brand of products, the company works hard to provide consumers with many other alternatives. One of the company’s newest featured products is the Nydree line of acrylic-infused flooring. “We are the exclusive dealer for this nearly indestructible form of wood flooring. It’s real wood, but with acrylic worked into the material for extreme hardness and durability. Also, a real plus against termites,” Hilton added.

One of the things Hilton is most happy about is Kahala Pacific Floors’ Wood and Stone Flooring 101 seminars, which now boasts a few thousand graduates. “I don’t want to waste anyone’s precious Saturday morning. This is not a big sales pitch; it is real information.


“I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to have the customers come up to me after the seminar and tell me how much they enjoyed it and how much they learned. That’s the goal,” explained Hilton.

Hilton would like to invite you to visit Ka-hala Pacific Floors’ showroom soon, or even attend its next Wood and Stone Flooring 101 seminar on Saturday, April 18 at 10 a.m. Call 847-7711 to reserve a seat.

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