QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I saw a store promoting a feng shui fish figurine for “money luck.” How does a figurine bring luck?

• Feng shui symbolism. Feng shui is heavy on symbolism and what objects “represent.” There are lists of objects that can be placed in the home to attract whatever you want more of — from fish figurines for money to elephants for fertility, to deities and altars for protection. The question is, do they work? I think it depends on how you use them.

• The bigger picture. I use feng shui symbolism to create intention. Placing something in your environment that has meaning to you will symbolically and energetically support you whenever you see it, but I believe that the item itself has no magic ability to change your luck.


The other day a woman said to me, “You’ll love this! I put a money toad in my wealth corner and I received a large check in the mail the next day. Feng shui actually works!” I cringed. Feng shui has nothing to do with luck. The toad may have subconsciously helped her to focus on what she wanted, but it was she who created the opportunity for the check to arrive.


If you want to manifest anything, you must hold the intention and vision of what you want, and recognize opportunities to create it when they arise.

Symbols meaningful to you will help to support you in that endeavor.

• Is there such a thing as luck?

I feel we create our own luck and that every event in our lives has two sides to it, the “lucky” and “unlucky” sides, based on our perception, or thoughts. When something happens that we perceive as being challenging, the positive side is that it helps us find a better path, grow in ways we never would have otherwise or see situations differently.

• Using symbolism. Use symbolism in your environment to help you “see” and create more opportunities in your life. The stronger your connection with what the objects represent, the more positive and useful they become for you. But never confuse objects with the power of your own intention. Your reality is a creation of your thoughts and intentions.


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