A house is a big investment financially and mentally for anyone, especially in Hawaii. Envirowash Hawaii LLC is here to help maintain your home’s value with its non-destructive, soft-washing process. This low-pressure procedure, with the improvement of biodegradable soaps and surfactants, is the predecessor of the outdated, abrasive pressure washing that most are familiar with.

Envirowash is well equipped and has the means to resolve your dirty roof issues. Company owner Mike Wedge would like to remind clients that the decision to replace one’s roof, or invest in a new paint job, should not be based purely upon what you see.

“It’s not old, it’s mold,” said Wedge. Many homeowners are not aware that their roofs or homes may not be dirty at all, but more likely are infested with a bacteria known as Gloeocapsa Magma. On roofs, this bacteria creates black streaks and darkening, which not only cause the roof to look old and dirty, but more seriously, keep moisture locked onto the roof. The moisture allows for more aggressive forms of mold, algae, lichens and moss to cultivate, which generally speeds up the deterioration process.


The procedure used by Envirowash utilizes agricultural-type sprayers that have the ability to shoot upwards of about 30 feet, conveniently allowing technicians to work from ridge lines easily, without having to set foot on the roof at all —a benefit for homes with fragile roofing materials.

As opposed to pressure washing, which causes heavy damage to roofs and homes due to its aggressive nature, soft washing features a meticulous process that not only ensures a 100-percent kill rate of the bacteria, but also leaves the roof and home refreshed and looking brand new. Envi-rowash is the only cleaning company certified in the state to use the Soft Wash system. The company also is certified by RCIA (Roof Cleaners Institute of America), is an outstanding member of UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners) and is A-rated by BBB (Better Business Bureau).

From scheduling to invoicing, clients experience a very professional, fluid process with Envirowash. Striving to blow clients’ expectations out of the water with a rewarding experience and amazing results goes hand in hand with Envi-rowash Hawaii LLC’s business motto of providing “Service With a Conscience.” The family owned and operated company also offers free on-site estimates and demonstrations. Simply call to inquire.

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