This season, why not help your children get excited about a healthy and fun time outdoors? You can make your backyard the neighborhood hotspot that no kid can resist by providing a few key ingredients to a great summer: fun, food and friendship.

Fun in the sun

To compete with smart-phones, PCs, tablets and other digital devices, you need outdoor excitement — the kind that only water can provide. Installing a backyard pool may not be practical for everyone, but a backyard water slide is.


Easy to set up and use, a water slide is a cost-effective way to create outdoor fun this summer. Modern options like H2OGO! slides feature the Speed Ramp, an inflatable launch pad that creates a smooth belly-flop landing at the start of the super fast 18-foot slide. A Splash Lagoon also funnels water throughout the entire slide. Learn more at

Food for fun


All that water sliding and other fun activity is going to make kids work up an appetite. Look for fare that is easy, kid-friendly and nutritious. For example, instead of serving ice cream, consider frozen fruit or fruit pops. Also, replace sugary sodas with flavored water.

For kids who crave crunch, replace chips with fresh-cut crisp fruits like apples and veggies such as carrots or cherry tomatoes. You can serve them with a variety of delicious, yogurt-based dips.

Research shows that physical activity is good for kids. says exercise helps children develop stronger muscles and bones, control weight, lower their risk of type 2 diabetes and develop a better attitude about life. Parents can help kids get the exercise they need by fostering healthy outdoor play in their own backyards this summer.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.