It’s frustrating when you have a leak in your roof that’s causing damage to the inside of your home, yet you don’t have the money to pay for a whole new roof. Why not simply repair the areas on the roof that are leaking? But instead of fixing just a tiny area, why not do a larger section of the roof and get a longer warranty?

Leakmaster Roofing has often found that one side of the house wears out quicker than the other. Sometimes, it is due to the late afternoon sun shining from the west doing the damage on the Leeward side of your roof, or it might be that the high wind along the ridges are blowing off shingles on the makai-facing roof. In both cases, it may make sense to replace half the roof now and leave the other non-leaking side alone for the time being. By doing a larger section of a roof, Leak-master can often give up to a seven-year warranty against those reoccurring leaks, free of charge.



Later, when you have it in your budget to do the other sections of your roof, Leakmaster can often go back and include the original repair work into a new, longer warranty for all the areas.

Leakmaster works within your budget, and sometimes a simple repair is all you need. Here are the most common problems seen with specific roofs:

• Metal roofs. They most often have dented seams — whether from walking on it or big branches — which usually is the cause of diverting water into the home.

• Shingle roofs. Shingles tend to blow off from wind gusts. Also, as your shingles age they lose their oils and become brittle — like old bones — and break away.

• Flat roofs. Loose roof seams expand in the hot Hawaiian sun and then contract when the cool rains come. Ultimately, flat roofs tend to open up into a “fish mouth” that lets water in.


Leakmaster will be happy to visit your home for a free estimate. The company always has specialized in leak repairs, so much so that it’s even in the company’s name.


Call Leakmaster at 591-1900, or visit the company’s showroom on 575 Cooke St. in Kakaako.

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