Pacific Islands Solar has found that there are many things one should know prior to choosing a photovoltaic system. Knowledge about the products and the company that will be installing the system are just a part of the story.

The financial strength of the manufacturer

Don’t be fooled into thinking that cheap translates into good quality. Warranties can be sales tools used by companies to convey the false idea that something is guaranteed when it is not. Ask for a copy of the warranty prior to purchasing so you can read what limitations are included. If the company goes out of business, you’ll have no protection for product failure.


Does the installation include roofing industry details for roof penetrations? Poor installation can void the roof warranty by using substandard detailing of the roof penetration that will eventually cause the roof to leak. Has the racking system that holds the modules on the roof been tested by an independent third party to verify the system will stay in place during high winds? Some companies use epoxy to secure the solar module racking system to the roof, voiding any roof wind damage warranty. The installation practice also does not meet building codes. Does the system installation come with a scheduled maintenance program? Solar modules should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year.


Know the financials of your investment

Tax credits are just a small part of the picture you will be looking at. High quality modules will outperform low quality equipment over a lifetime, making the investment return on them better.

Salt mist testing of solar modules is important in determining long term durability. Modules that have passed level six salt mist testing have passed the most rigorous testing. Currently, there are only five companies that have been able to pass this test.


Purchasing versus leasing requires research and an understanding of the liabilities. Owning the system has greater investment value and does not make it harder to sell your home in the future. Get all the facts — both positive and negative — to find out what solar solution works for you.

The net metering program as we know it today will change in the future. Excess energy that is produced will either be credited at a lesser value when given back, or you will need to install batteries to store energy for later use.

Pacific Islands Solar recommends Japanese manufacturer Kyocera as your solar solution. Kyocera has passed level six salt mist testing and has been manufacturing solar modules for more than 38 years. Pacific Islands Solar has achieved the Kyocera Diamond installer accreditation, having demonstrated full attention to quality installations by using only the best equipment and installation practices. The company also provides a free five-year service package with installation that cleans and inspects your system every year to ensure it is being maintained. Call to get these independent third party reports and become informed about your solar purchase or lease. You will be happy when you have this knowledge working for you. Call 841-7756, and check out

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