Making a living space feel spacious when you have minimal square footage can be a challenge. United Pacific Builders LLC prides itself on assisting condo and apartment owners with space-conscious design plans and installations, to make condensed living spaces comfortable, flowing and open.

The first thing that must be considered when remodeling or renovating a condo or apartment is the property building rules. Typically, each property has in place remodeling and renovation rules for each of its units or apartments, in order to maintain a cohesive aesthetic look throughout the property.


United Pacific Builders has successfully remodeled condos on Oahu, and works closely with the property manager and the homeowner to ensure that all modifications are done per these specifications. Once the building specifications are laid out, United Pacific Builders can start the process of designing and planning to maximize the space available and give you a place with a fresh new look that feels much more spacious.

The process begins with looking at the current layout of the property. The estimator takes note of how you would like the floor plan to flow, and then proposes potential modifications. Some modifications that can improve the layout and flow of a property include the repositioning of cabinets, removal of walls, half walls or banisters, and modification of door positions, size and/or type.

Once the layout has been modified, homeowners select materials that give the visual perception of spaciousness. Many designers recommend the following materials for enhancing the optical illusion of space.




Use the same color flooring throughout the entire space — this connects the space and makes it look larger and not compartmentalized. Using light colors and wider planks, as well as installing the flooring diagonally, also helps.


Capitalize on vertical wall space in the kitchen by using long, continuous boards for cabinet doors, as well as glass-front cabinet doors. Utilize a light color palette with colorful walls or a darker color palette with neutral wall colors around the kitchen. Opt for pint-sized appliances to enhance counter space and glass tile, or subway tile for the backsplash.


Install a floating vanity (vanity without a cabinet underneath), and utilize all wall space by creating built-in shelves. Also, choose a light color palette and select one piece to be your pop of color. If space is a concern, opt for a standup shower versus a bathtub. Installing mirrors on adjacent walls is another great idea.


There are many modifications and upgrades you can consider to reflect your own personal style and create your ideal living space. United Pacific Builders works closely with you and the property management team to ensure your project is swift and seamless from start to finish. Call the company at 366-0575.

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