How many companies can boast about receiving zero complaints? Atlas Construction, a family owned and run, licensed general contractor with four generations of experience, works on 30 to 40 homes a year. In addition to being awarded first place for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s “Hawaii’s Best Contractor” the last two years in the row, the company has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau for positive reviews and lack of negative feedback. But not receiving any complaints is one of the things the company is most proud of.



Atlas Construction president Bruce Kim said, “What separates our company from others is that we have zero complaints. We’re transparent with all of our clients. We don’t just get them a selected list of referrals, but we give them a list of all our clients to talk to. We work very hard to satisfy them. It’s the biggest trait that we have: our determination to take care of them.”

Part of Atlas’ commitment to its clients involves staying current on the latest industry trends. “We’re on an island, so we don’t have these things exposed to us. We actually have to go out there, to trade shows on the Mainland, and be proactive and research these products. We’re trying to be the forefront to get our clients the most value,” Kim said.

That’s what inspired the company’s latest products and services, including an integrated online system that allows homeowners to track their projects live, read daily logs and view current photos. The communication system is accessible at any time via a smart phone, laptop or computer. Atlas also is gearing up to launch its smart home packages, which give clients the ability to control things like entertainment, lighting, temperature and security cameras via a smart phone or other technological devices.



Besides its award-winning customer service and technological products, Atlas stands out because it is a family business. While Kim says a lot of people erroneously believe this means family equals fighting, the opposite tends to be true. Design consultant Rodney Kim said, “I feel very fortunate being in this family business. I not only get to strive to be successful professionally, but also get to establish relationships with my cousins on a daily basis, who are all striving for the same goal.” It’s one of the reasons why Atlas’ customers find working with the company an enjoyable experience.

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