How do you find the best company when doing a home repair or renovation? In Hawaii, word of mouth works best. If you don’t know anyone who can personally vouch for outstanding service from a window replacement company, online review sites and testimonials are the next best thing.


Windows Hawaii’s general manager Mario Garcia said, “Many customers trust us with their family and friends. We have taken care of complete generations of families in Aiea and Kaneohe, to name a few.” But don’t just take his word for it.


Windows Hawaii is one of the highest rated companies on online review sites like Yelp, where past customers have raved about the company’s customer service, top quality products, beautiful workmanship and ease of working with the entire team. In fact, some customers were initially attracted to the company based purely on its positive social media reviews. And here’s something you won’t hear too often when talking to friends who are working on a home renovation project: On the company’s website, you’ll find customers who have said that their experience with Windows Hawaii was “positive” and even “joyful.”


As the testimonials show, upon first contact with the Windows Hawaii team all the way to after the project is completed, customers are not only happy with the en tire process, they’re referring their friends and family and continue to be life-long customers. This is a true testament to a great company.

One thing Windows Hawaii’s customers are aware of is the fact that it is the only authorized distributor on the island that sells Ali’i extreme windows. According to Garcia, these windows were “exclusively made by Anlin for Windows Hawaii.”And it is the “only Anlin window that carries a Hawaii warranty.” Other window companies may sell the Anlin brand, but be wary. Garcia said, “Any other Anlin window that is not an Ali’i extreme window and is brought to Hawaii carries no warranty in Hawaii.” Garcia said these other windows were made for Mainland use and are warranted on the Mainland only.

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