The kitchen is the heart of the home and a top-selling feature with homebuyers. Whether you’ve just completed a remodel or you’re looking for ways to upgrade your existing kitchen, a tile backsplash will instantly transform the space.


“It’s one of the number one ways homeowners can add value to their kitchen while adhering to their personal design preferences. Best yet, the process can be simple and enjoyable,” said Kirsty Froelich, design director for The Tile Shop.

• Follow your vision. Subway tiles in neutral tones are timeless for those who prefer a muted backsplash. If you’re looking to make a statement, clean and tumbled white marble is trending right now. Slate is comforting and earthy, whereas metallic offers a more eye-catching and contemporary look. For added personality, consider color, patchwork or patterns.


• Consider product type and maintenance requirements. If you prefer low maintenance, the best route is ceramic tile. If you are drawn to the beauty of natural stone, keep in mind that there’s minimal annual maintenance, including re-sealing the surface.

• Know your budget. Convey your visions and cost parameters to any experts you work with. Bring a sample of your cabinetry and countertop, or a picture of your kitchen, to the designer you’re working with. It will help them maximize your budget while achieving your vision.

• Add personal touches. When finalizing your design, consider adding unique characteristics. You might decide to add a niche with a cutout that has tile on the interior that matches the exterior tile, or create a picture frame design using a completely different style of tile and stone that complements the backsplash.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.