Spring break is a special week for many reasons. I’m anxious to have a week to catch up on things, and ever since I started graduate school, I’ve saved special projects for times like these.

Topping my list this week is reorganizing the closet. Although I have managed to take things out for donations throughout the year, I’ve also managed to let things get messy. While many organization systems tend to be pricier, there are some handy items that allow you to conquer the clutter without breaking the bank.

• Wire dividers. I like to organize my closet shelves with neat stacks of foldable clothing. Eventually, however, the stacks always seem to topple and take down the stacks next to them. Wire shelf-dividers can help to solve this problem. They are sturdily held in place by attaching to existing shelves without the need for special tools.

• A catch-all tray. Repurpose a small serving dish and place it atop a shelf in your closet or inside a dresser drawer. Use it for a quick “drop-off” spot for your accessories like jewelry, watches, or even your wallet and keys.

• Stackable cube shelving. Incorporating cube shelving inside your closet will allow you to take advantage of floor space and give you extra shelving for anything that can’t be hung or folded.

• A coat rack. The cooler weather has me reaching for hoodies and sweaters. A coat rack will allow me to access those items easily. As a bonus, I can also use the hooks for things like my purse, hats and even my dog’s leash.

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