If your home office doesn’t feel professional and uplifting, how productive and happy will you be spending hours a day there?

Following some basic principles of office design can help create an organized, effective and productivity-enhancing space.

Choose a wall color that facilitates focus


Color psychologist and author Angela Wright suggests that your home office color scheme needs to match the type of work you do because different colors create different effects. For example, Wright said, blue might be stimulating if you do a lot of mental work in your home office. Additionally, yellow could encourage creativity, and green might be soothing if your work is particularly stressful and balance is important.


Luxuriate in light

“The mental and physical health benefits of natural light and fresh air are well documented,” said Ross Vandermark of VELUX America, makers of Energy Star-qualified skylights.

Add a solar-powered, fresh air skylight and an energy-efficient solar-powered blind to your home office to brighten it up and increase productivity.

Organize with attractive storage


A cluttered, disorganized home office can cause you to misplace important documents and can make you feel overwhelmed.

Move that beautiful sideboard you inherited from grandma — that just never fit anywhere else in your house — into your home office and use it for filing. Hit an antique shop and find an antique desk or even a dining table that you adore. Remember to keep furnishings and storage solutions size-appropriate for the room, so your home office doesn’t feel crowded.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.