In Honolulu, or just about any city in Hawaii, multigenerational living is more common than in the U.S. Mainland. It is not unusual to have two or three generations under one roof. Consequently, renovations are often needed once the current space is not large enough to accommodate growing families and changing needs of elderly parents and grandparents with limited mobility. APAC LLC is a local, family owned and operated, permit-expediting company. It helps homeowners in every step of the building process, from permitting to design, including blueprints or 3D renderings. APAC LLC is a fully licensed architectural firm that helps you find solutions to your building-permit problems.


When dealing with upgrades to your home for yourself, aging parents or other family members, not only do you want to be sure they are handicap/elderly-accessible but also comfortable for everyone. It’s never too late to modify your home(s) to make life more comfortable. It always is best to plan ahead, rather than wait until upgrades and renovations are necessary, so be sure to contact APAC LLC as soon as you think you are ready to plan for your home’s changing needs.


Here are examples of how to renovate houses to be accessible and/or compliant with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards:

• Wider entrances

• Door clearances


• Five foot wide bathrooms to allow 360 degree wheelchair access

• Converting tubs to showers

• Wheelchair access ramps


In two-story homes, an option is to build or renovate a room downstairs as the main living space for your aging family members. With brand new homes, APAC LLC can design and build according to the strict ADA building codes. There really is no limit to what APAC LLC can do to make your home specifically fit your fam ily’s unique needs.

Client Iris Roberts said of her recent home renovation, “We’re so glad we worked with APAC LLC in renovating our house to be handicap-accessible. A few months after construction, my mother suffered a stroke, which caused her to be bedridden. Had we put off doing the re-modeling work any longer, I can’t image how we would be managing today. We love being able to roll the wheelchair in and out of the shower instead of having to lift her in and out of the tub. We are so grateful for APAC and their team!”


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