After months of uncertainty caused by HECO’s efforts to reduce solar benefits, there is finally good news for homeowners wanting to install solar power. On Feb. 27, Hawaii’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) “flexed its muscles” and made some decisions. The PUC rejected HECO’s request to suddenly eliminate Hawaii’s extremely popular and successful Net-Energy Metering (NEM) Program, which gives residential solar system owners full credit for the clean and green energy they export to the grid.


HECO also was required to sign an agreement confirming that the company has an “affirmative duty to interconnect” potential solar customers, mandating PUC involvement prior to the delay or denial of solar interconnection.

What does this mean for consumers? The PUC’s actions were a huge victory for Hawaii consumers and the State of Hawaii’s efforts to transition away from dangerous pollution and expensive fossil fuels to cheaper, greener alternatives like solar. If you’re interested in solar, now is the time to file your NEM application while the current, full-credit pro gram is still in effect, since HECO still plans to argue to the PUC that the benefits of NEM should be reduced. This is where Rev-oluSun can help. Here are more reasons why you should contact the company.

The interconnection line for solar is growing, and HECO processes NEM applications on a first come, first serve basis. Anyone who hopes to have solar approved and installed this year should file an NEM application as soon as possible.


The proposed sale of HECO to giant Mainland utility NextEra Energy Inc. raises more questions than there are answers for, so it’s wise to apply for and install solar now before the regulatory review of that deal ends early next year.

RevoluSun offers an easy, no deposit and no obligation way to file NEM applications quickly. The expert team will process the paperwork for you immediately, and you can wait until HECO approval before committing to move forward with installation.


The RevoluSun Smart Home division features exciting energy efficiency and smarter living products that can reduce your electric bill by as much as 50 percent, or more, without HECO’s involvement. The Smart Home line includes the advanced Sun Bandit® photovoltaic hot water system, Quiet Cool whole house fans, Velux no-leak, solar powered and fresh air skylights, Inteliflow pool pumps and much more. Call RevoluSun today at 748-8888 to start saving money.


Colin Yost is chief operations officer at RevoluSun.

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