The biggest and most important factor to consider when deciding on a major home construction project, such as a renovation, remodel or new build, is the budget. A budget is the amount you are able and willing to spend to get what you want and be happy with the results.

It is imperative to set a realistic budget, as this will help in the decision-making process of what the project will ultimately be. In some cases, it is less costly and faster to build new than to renovate, and vice versa. Another important consideration for homeowners is to be conservative when setting a budget, as projects never get smaller and in actuality tend to grow in scope.


Once you decide, based on your budget, if you will be doing a renovation, remodel or new build, then it’s time to determine exactly how much you can afford for the project. Think in terms of monthly payments on a loan, rather than the overall cost. In most cases, financing your project is the most viable option when you don’t have enough money in short-term savings.

Financing a home project is more costly and involved than most homeowners think, and requires expert guidance. With so many of Oahu’s families in need of multigenerational living solutions, Graham Builders has teamed up with Graham Mortgage Inc. to provide homeowners with important financing options for a variety of construction scenarios. Since it is common for family members to pool resources, families need to be aware of what is involved in the financing phase before they begin designing.


“A budget is a moving target. As construction cost information is made available, you can evaluate the worth of anything you are considering for your home,” said Evan Fujimoto, president of Graham Builders. “Most everyone starts out with the same mindset; we want what we want, but our budget is typically insufficient to attain our goals. It’s really a question of identifying and balancing wants and needs and prioritizing. Developing and sticking to a budget helps with this.


“At Graham Builders, we don’t spend your money. You, the homeowner, spend your money. You set the budget and we’re responsible for determining how best to allocate your investment to realize the best overall value.”

Since there are many components to take into consideration when deciding on a major home construction project, it is recommended that homeowners consult with professionals, such as Graham Builders and Graham Mortgage Inc., about setting a budget before moving forward with the design. With 25 years of helping hundreds of Hawaii families design and build their dream homes, locally owned and operated Graham Builders has the experience and knowledge to help today’s families with their budgeting and building needs.

To learn more about setting a budget or financing options for your home construction project, attend Graham Builders’ upcoming free “Building Your Home for Life” seminar on Saturday, Feb. 28, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Honolulu Country Club. Seminars are free, but reservations are required. To register for a seminar, visit or call 593-2808.

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