The Makai Range of windows and doors, developed by Discount Windows, Doors & Cabinets, includes the only window specifically designed for Hawaii. Prior to 2008, the majority of windows sold in Hawaii were designed for use in Mainland climates. Therefore, these windows were less than ideal for Hawaii. The vinyl used would frequently yellow or become brittle with age; the thickness of glass used was inadequate for use in a hurricane zone; the hardware rusted and corroded; and thermal efficiency was very poor.

In 2008, using state-of-the-art technology, Discount Windows, Doors & Cabinets developed a window system designed for the 21st century and beyond: the Makai Range of windows and doors.

• Sun. Hawaii’s extreme UV exposure is capable of destroying all but the very best vinyl available. The pure Virgin Vinyl used in Discount Windows, Doors & Cabinets Makai Range products has a high percentage of titanium dioxide and is the only vinyl able to withstand the harsh Hawaiian sun.


• Hurricanes. The vinyl frame used in Makai Range products is a light weight, high impact profile able to withstand considerable force without failing. Double strength glass also is used for additional protection and security. The combination of the sturdy frame and thicker glass enable the company’s windows to endure winds of up to 212 miles per hour — strong enough for use in high-rise condominiums and other commercial applications.

• Salt, humidity and dirt. Most homes in Hawaii experience varying degrees of salt exposure. The combination of high humidity and salinity, combined with tropical temperatures, create an extremely corrosive environment. The Makai Range of windows and doors utilizes the highest grade of stainless-steel hardware available. Salt also can be problematic on glass, causing etching and staining, and attracting moisture and dirt. With Cardinal NEAT Self Cleaning Glass, hosing down the glass easily washes off salt and dirt, and the product dries virtually spotless.


• Heat. Most homes in Hawaii have an area that is hot at some point during the day. Discount Windows, Doors & Cabinets solves this problem by using one of the most energy efficient glasses available in North America today. With Cardinal 366 Low E with Argon and NEAT Self Cleaning Glass, well over 90 percent of heat can be reflected out of the home.

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