Cost. Time. Experience. All of the above are essential factors to consider when hiring a windows replacement company. But the one component you shouldn’t overlook is customer service.

While everyone hopes for a perfect experience, the reality is problems like mis-communication and mistakes can occur when working on your home. The key to preventing a minor issue from becoming a nightmare is choosing a company that has impeccable customer service.

It’s not an obvious consideration when looking for the best business to replace your old door and windows. Customers often look for the best deals and the coolest designs. But working with a company that’s adept at resolving issues and that cares about your overall happiness can potentially save you money, stress and further problems down the line. Windows Hawaii is one of those companies. General manager Mario Garcia said, “We are not about getting your money and getting out. We’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy, because being a customer means you’re a part of our Windows Hawaii family.”

One of the company’s satisfied customers understands the value in choosing Windows Hawaii. When he encountered a minor issue with scheduling, the team quickly addressed the problem. In a recent email he said, “Thank you very much for representing Windows Hawaii well and providing great customer service. The experience we had … from sales pitch to the measuring to the crew that provided the installation — it was very professional. Even with the slight glitch with the scheduling issue and the way it was resolved … I strongly feel it was satisfying and equitable. Overall, this has been a great experience.”

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