When it comes to remodeling, one of the most popular home improvement projects that provides impressive return on investment is the bathroom. One critical area that too often is overlooked is the lighting.

It’s important to understand the purpose of different types of lighting and how each influences the style and usefulness of the bathroom.


Whether you have a petite powder room or a grand master bath, there are four main types of lighting you should consider:

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the main source of illumination and is fundamental to a solid bathroom lighting plan. Also known as general lighting, ambient lights are typically installed overhead and provide lighting for safety and overall comfort. Recessed lights, wall-mounted fixtures and small chandeliers have become popular options for bathroom ambient lighting. Many people choose to install dimmers for the main source of lighting so they can adjust the illumination depending on what they are doing; brighter is used for quick showers and softer lighting is used for soaking in the tub.


Task lighting

Task lighting is absolutely necessary for daily grooming activities like putting on makeup and shaving. Typically located by the mirrors, quality task lighting is free of glare and shadows, and it will never strain the eyes. By coordinating finishes, lighting and design aesthetics, orientations can be created to meet specific functional needs for the ultimate bathroom customization.

Accent lighting


To add dramatic visual interest and call attention to certain objects in the bathroom, use accent lighting. These types of lights artistically highlight special objects, like paintings, plants, sculptures or architectural detailing. Accent lights are typically smaller and include a shield that allows you to direct the light on the desired object. Wall-mounted picture lights, halogen spotlights and table lamps are a few examples of accent lighting.

Natural lighting

Due to privacy concerns, many bathrooms do not have any natural light sources. Fortunately, thanks to ambient, task and accent lighting, natural light is not a necessity. But some homeowners like the option of natural light and a skylight can be a simple solution. Skylights allow sunlight in during daylight hours without jeopardizing any privacy, plus they can be installed with shades for optional closure if desired. Natural light from sources like skylights can be particularly inviting near the bathtub.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.