Well, another year is underway. Sadly, termites don’t follow calendars at all. They like to “work” all year long, every year.

Akamai Pest Solutions has been treating homes and businesses with XT2000 Orange Oil for more than 10 years now, and has treated thousands of structures throughout Hawaii. The company’s customers appreciate that they can treat their homes and businesses without using the tent-fumigation method, which can be a hassle that ultimately disrupts their lives.

When treating with XT2000 Orange Oil, there are no move-outs or bagging food, no damage to roofs, gutters or solar panels, and no exposure to toxic chemicals. Hawaii residents live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it’s up to Akamai Pest Solutions to keep the environment as clean and safe as possible.

The company’s process begins with a thorough inspection of the home or business, seeking out termites with the latest technology. That, combined with Akamai Pest Solutions’ highly trained and experienced inspectors, enables the company to create a treatment program specifically for your home or business. Then, the company can do the actual treatment while you are home, so you can observe the process from start to finish. Akamai Pest Solutions provides ground termite treatments with the latest and best termiticides that are the least harmful to the environment and have a great success rate. All treatments also come with a warranty.

Please contact Akamai Pest Solutions for an evaluation of your home and business, and let the company help you treat your termite problem the safer and less intrusive way.

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