If ever you find yourself hosting unanticipated visitors at home, it is wise to always be ready to provide a warm welcome with a refreshing drink, freshly baked treats and an inviting home.

Follow these simple tips for making last-minute entertaining quick, easy and stress-free:

Have freshly baked goods ready to serve: Keep a variety of frozen cookie dough on hand, so when guests arrive, simply pull out and bake as many cookies as needed.



Stock a variety of beverages: A single-serve brewing system is one of the most helpful items to purchase for entertaining. When choosing a model, make sure to take into account convenience, compatibility and, most importantly, taste. Consider purchasing a single-serve brewing system. You don’t have to worry about buying specific coffee brands or flavors, as the single-serve makers use K-cups, which every guest can find a favorite from.

Take five minutes to de-clutter: Cleaning the house for company can be an exhausting undertaking. Instead of cleaning the house from top-to-bottom before guests arrive, spend just five minutes each day picking up common areas so that your home is clean and organized whenever guests arrive.

From a refreshing beverage to a batch of cookies, hosting unexpected guests this year can be fun, easy and relaxed with just a bit of preparation.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.