Safety is a big concern for seniors and their families, especially as more baby boomers are embracing aging at home. Homes they’ve owned for decades that were perfect for raising children may not be as accommodating anymore.

These tips will help protect the privacy and safety of older residents and their families.

• Home exterior security. A security alarm system is always a good idea, and many also will connect to fire protection services. Sliding and patio doors are among the least secure entrances to a home, so install a Master Lock 265DCCSEN Door Security Bar to resist any type of forced entry into the home.

• Keep extra keys secure. Many family members of seniors like to have access to a home so they can check on loved ones. Instead of hiding the keys under a fake rock in the yard, protect them with a Master Lock 5422D Key Safe. The safe attaches over the door handle for easy accessibility and requires a four-button push code to reveal the keys. It also is great for emergency situations if a family member accidentally locks the keys inside the house.


• Install security lights. Exterior lights help discourage unwanted guests, so install additional lights on all sides of the home and out in the yard’s landscaping. You can install motion-sensor lights if you don’t want them shining all night long, but you might notice nighttime critters will set the lights off.

• Give valuables a safe home. Many baby boomers have accumulated a lifetime of treasures with real and sentimental value. Smaller items like jewelry, credit cards and cash can easily be stored in portable safes. For important documents like wills and legal documents, a fire-resistant safe from Sentry Safe is a good option.

• Create a flexible schedule. Because they’re retired, seniors may leave the house for different activities during the day. Oftentimes, seniors will get into a regular schedule like meeting a group of friends for breakfast at 7 a.m. every Tuesday. Create an irregular schedule for your weekly activities so people won’t be able to anticipate when you’re home or away.

With these security tips, seniors and their family can enjoy spending many more years — comfortable and safe — in their homes.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.