RevoluSun, Hawaii’s leading solar provider, revealed new product offerings aimed at providing those committed to cleaner, smarter living, with a one-stop shop for advanced sustainable home technology at the BIA Homebuilding & Remodeling Show held in late January. RevoluSun’s new location on Ward Avenue is now a gathering place for eco-conscious homeowners, architects and residential developers to meet and collaborate, while those interested in solar also can learn more about the latest in photovoltaic (PV) solar options and financing. RevoluSun’s new “Smart Home” offerings, which BIA show attendees got to see at the booth, include:


• Sun Bandit solar water heaters utilize innovative PV technology to deliver clean, reliable hot water by putting the abundant energy of the sun to work without utility oversight or approval. This product also is eligible for PV tax credits.


• QuietCool Whole House Fans, which provide energy-efficient ventilation and cooling for the entire home, and feature the best warranty in the industry. Fans remove pet dander, odors, germs, smoke and VOC gases. Homeowners can save up to 90 percent on air conditioning bills, and receive a $75 rebate from Hawaii Energy.

• Velux natural lighting solutions, which offer a wide variety of affordable, high-performance lighting solutions that bring daylight into interior spaces and improve indoor air quality. Velux fresh air skylights significantly reduce the need for electricity and also are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit.

• Clipper Creek EV charging stations, which are a perfect marriage for those with solar panels, especially in sunny Hawaii. RevoluSun has chosen to install the workhorse of the industry, Clipper Creek, which has universal stations compatible with any electric vehicle on the market.


• RevoluSun Advanced Home Automation and Security, which offers energy management, home automation, video monitoring, keyless entry codes and locks and motion sensors, as an dealer.

• IntelliFlo variable speed pumps, which lead the way in poolside savings with electricity bill reductions of up to $1,500 a year, energy savings up to 90 percent over traditional pumps, dramatically quieter operation, variable speeds and built-in timers to assure optimum efficiency.


“We will be constantly adding products that will help our clientele make their home a green, money-saving machine,” stated chief innovation officer Eric Carlson. “We also have regular public events at our showroom on sustainable home topics. This can be an accessible hub of information for everyone.”


Reserve your spot for RevoluSun’s free Smart Home Seminar on Feb. 11 and 21, held at RevoluSun’s showroom at 210 Ward Ave. Or go to

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