Pacific Islands Solar, a division of Pacific Islands Construction, desires to provide a comprehensive approach to your energy needs. As a solar company that also is a general, electrical and roofing contractor, the company is more qualified to install your solar system. Solving your energy needs has many starting points. Some solutions include installing a heat reflective roof system or a heat recovery system connected to your A/C, making it more efficient and also providing hot water.

If energy production or energy storage is needed, the company provides the best PV solar modules in the industry from Kyocera of Japan. Pacific Islands Solar continues to provide its services after installation, as the company provides free cleaning and inspection of your solar installation for a period of five years. The company’s 10-year warranty on installation and seven-year leak-free guarantee also are the best in the industry, providing customers with peace of mind.


Pacific Islands Solar believes that Kyocera, which has been manufacturing solar modules from Japan for more than 38 years, is the best choices for solar. Independent testing by TUV Rheinland, Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Center and GTM research has confirmed that Kyocera solar modules are indeed the best module in the industry. No other solar manufacturer can show independent testing proving that their modules are truly made for long term performance. The independent testing is important to Hawaii because it provides certification that even in the harshest environments, the modules will perform over the long term. Too many people rely on protection from warranties that are filled with exclusions.

Kyocera is one of only five companies whose modules have passed level-six salt water testing. Corrosion from salt can lead to electrical failure, so Kyocera modules are made to very exacting standards, inclusive of heavy reinforcement of the module frames and a potted junction box to protect the electrical connections. Recent tests performed by GTM Research confirmed the Kyocera quality difference, as it was the only company to be top-rated in all six areas tested.

The Fire and Ice system utilizes heat-recovery technology for hot water by using the heat produced from your existing A/C equipment. Savings are seen not only from hot water production, but also from increased mechanical performance of the A/C system. The system will require less electricity, thus reducing the energy needed to cool your home.

Pacific Islands Solar is offering a limited-time-only cleaning and system inspection service for only $100 on 30 modules or less ($25 more for every additional 10 modules). If you feel your system is under-producing, the inspection also is a great way to make sure that everything is working properly.


Pacific Islands Construction and Pacific Islands Solar can be reached by calling 841-7756 or by emailing The company’s web-site is; there you can find numerous articles on solar.

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