The weather is nice, your yard is clear and dry, and it’s time for you to get your hands dirty. With the right tools and equipment, you can get all your outdoor DIY tasks done while saving time, money and elbow grease.

Look for products that can help make lawn care, gardening, home improvement and other DIY projects easier to accomplish. For example, instead of laboring to push an aerator around your lawn, consider a liquid dethatcher. You apply the dethatcher using a sprayer on the end of the garden hose and the formula works to aerate soil and break up the layer of thatch that hinders grass growth.


Renting tools or equipment you use occasionally or only once a year can save you time and money. Many home improvement stores now offer a wide range of tools for rent. By renting, you avoid storage issues and maintenance chores.


One piece of equipment a do-it-yourselfer can use all summer long is an off-road vehicle or small outdoor tractor. By using your off-road vehicle or tractor for heavy jobs, you can avoid the expense of hiring additional workers for project such as:

• Hauling rocks or mulch around your yard.
• Removing dead branches and towing out bushes and trees.
• Smoothing out fresh dirt with a plow by hooking it up to your vehicle and gently smooth out the dirt with the plow lowered to the level you want.
• Carting lumber from the driveway to the back patio for easier access to the house project you’re working on.

With the right tools, you can accomplish everything on your DIY list this summer, and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done without the sweat of going it alone.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.