Whether committing to losing weight, improving your health or furthering your career, New Year’s resolutions create stress and require time and hard work. This year, along with those admirable but difficult-to-keep resolutions, why not set a goal that’s easy to achieve and will leave you with long-lasting satisfaction? Start the new year with a new bathroom, and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

Creating an outstanding bathroom experience can be as easy as updating fixtures, freshening paint and adding some luxury touches. In fact, almost half of Americans (49 percent) who choose to remodel their bathrooms do so in order to upgrade features and fixtures, according to a recent survey by Houzz. Focus your efforts on these key areas, and you can easily accomplish the uplifting resolution to improve your home this year.

Superior showering

Multiple surveys have shown that Americans view the shower as more than just a place to get clean. It’s also where many go to de-stress and escape daily pressures. A shower can be soothing or stimulating, so you need a showerhead that’s equally adept at creating both effects.


And, since the Environmental Protection Agency says that nearly 17 percent of the water we use in our homes goes for showering, it’s important to choose a showerhead that conserves water without sacrificing the quality of your showering experience.

Handshowers like the Aero Handshower Classic Series by TOTO combine the eco-friendly qualities of a low-flow showerhead with the convenience and luxury of a hand-shower. AeroJet+ technology dramatically increases the water’s volume while decreasing consumption. Plus, the hand-shower allows you to aim the jet where it’s needed most for cleanliness or to soothe sore muscles.


Finer fixtures

With the commode serving as both a practical item and a design element, upgrading the toilet is an easy, cost-effective addition to your bathroom remodeling plans. Replace an older, dated and less efficient toilet with a modern low-flow option that conserves water without sacrificing flushing power.

To elevate your new commode to a luxury experience, consider adding a personal cleansing unit. The Washlet B100 personal cleansing system installs on the toilet like any toilet seat and fits most elongated-bowl styles. An easy-to-read control panel allows users to set the temperature and pressure of the aerated water, and adjust the self-cleaning wand with dual-action spray. Additionally, a soft-seat closing feature ensures you’ll never again hear a toilet lid slam.


Fulfilling faucets


Faucets are another key design element of any bathroom, and they not only influence the room’s visual appeal, but its usability and environmental impact as well. Washing your hands can use about a gallon of water, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Imagine how much more water gets wasted if your old faucet is leaky or difficult to maneuver.

Replacing older, outdated faucets can help change the look and feel of a bathroom, allow you to use less water and even satisfy the varying dexterity levels of different members of the household. Singlehanded options like TOTO’s Keane Single Handle Faucet marry sturdy, practical design with sleek looks and ease of use.

Forged brass construction valves with ceramic disk cartridges ensure longevity and improved temperature and flow control. The single-handle design makes the faucet easy to use for children and for seniors who might have dexterity limitations. For more information on fixtures and other bathroom upgrade products, visit www.totousa.com.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.