The bathroom can be one of the most comforting rooms in your house. However, the bathroom can also be one of the most dangerous ones. According to reports, there are more than 200,000 bathroom-related accidents in the U.S. every year. That’s about 70 percent of all home accidents.

With more than two decades of experience, All Island Bath Remodeling LLC has perfected a unique combination of solutions that cost a fraction of the price of traditional remodeling and can turn your bathroom into a comfortable and safe haven.



Resurfacing your worn or stained tub or wall-surround is a cost-effective way to add life to your bathroom. The company has artists who are able to simulate granite on countertops or wall-surrounds, completely renewing your bathroom’s surfaces.

The company also has a low-cost remodel that utilizes your existing tub and cuts the skirt to lower the step-over height, making it safer and more comfortable for seniors. This can prevent a potential accident and make life easier for anyone that has difficulty stepping over the tub skirt.

Tub liners, which fit a new tub over your old, rusty or hard-to-clean tub or wall-surround, will transform your bath by using simulated granite or marble. This procedure creates a remodeled look without the mess, usually associated with complete demolition, and also will save you money.



All Island Bath Remodeling LLC has ways of saving you money on traditional remodels without sacrificing quality. Here are some ideas:

• Low-cost tub cutouts utilize your existing tub to make the step-over height about eight inches lower.
• Complete conversions can be done to transform your tub into a shower.
• Grab bars and safety accessories can be added to make life easier for you and your loved ones.

Updating your bathroom provides one of the best returns on your investment and increases the value of your home. The company can offer you several options that will fit your budget. Choosing to refinish or re-line your tub will be less-invasive and save you time, compared to traditional remodeling methods. All Island Bath Remodeling LLC can offer you the widest variety of options, which can be customized specifically to your needs.


The company also offers discounts to seniors, military, multi-unit, realtors, property management and contractors.

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