In 2014, Breezway added new and improved features to its internationally award winning Powerlouver System. The system’s improvements boast not only a tri-gear motor for quieter operation, but also its “Apptivate” switch. The switch is both wall mountable and controllable (via blue-tooth technology) by using an app you can download to your smart phone or tablet. Just when you thought the company pulled out all the stops on its new, high performance louver options, Breezway released the Stronghold System, in full effect this year, starting at the Building Industry Association (BIA) Hawaii’s Home and Remodeling Show, Jan. 23-25. There, Breezway will be asking the following question: Can your current jalousies pass the Breezway Challenge?


So, what exactly is the Breezway challenge?

It’s to see if the glass louver blades, in the fully opened position, can handle 150 pounds of weight without breaking. Breezway’s louver blades can and the company offers pictures and videos of one of its factory fabricators walking up the window and standing on the top blade (in the open position) on one foot. Breezway assures you there’s no “smoke and mirrors” here, just engineering strength and ingenuity in its new Stronghold System.


The Stronghold System is put together by drilling a hole through the sides of the glass blades, fully washing each blade and then tempering the glass in the company’s oven, commissioned in its Halawa factory as of last year. After the glass is tempered there is a high-strength, UV-stabilized pin that is inserted into the clip through the blade, which is then secured to the clip on the other side. When fully seated, the pin goes flush with the interior face of the clip.

From outside the window you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the Stronghold System and any other ordinary jalousie, but the tempered safety glass offers more than five times the strength over all others and is 100 times safer, should the glass be broken. (When tempered glass is broken, it breaks into tiny pieces like the side window of a car, where float glass, as used in all other jalousies, will break into large, dangerous shards).


Breezway continues to pride itself on being a company that creates the finest, high-performing and safest louvers in Hawaii and around the world. With that in mind, Breezway invites you to its showroom in Halawa to see the Breezway Challenge with your own eyes, performed by one of their trained professionals. Knowing that no other jalousie windows can actually pass this test, unless using the Stronghold System, Breezway reminds you not to try the Breezway Challenge at home. You also are invited to stop by booth 327 at the BIA show this coming weekend.

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