The bathroom doesn’t have to be basic. Even the most outdated bathrooms can become an oasis of tranquility and a lavish retreat away from the stresses of everyday life.


What could be more relaxing than a bubble bath? While some still enjoy a whirlpool tub, freestanding tubs are growing in popularity, creating a stylish focal point in the master bathroom.


Water systems


Today’s showerheads offer numerous options to tailor water pressure and flow, whether you prefer a gentle rain-like feel or a more powerful spray. To further enhance the bathing process, body spray systems offers vertical showerheads as well.


Towels can be used to help customize your bathroom space. Choose a color or pattern that enhances your decor, or add monograms for a personal touch.

Lighting and fragrances

Install light fixtures and accessories from the same product suite to ensure your bath looks as fashionable as it is functional. Add candles with calming and fresh scents for relaxation.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.