The start of a new year brings plenty of promise. We resolve to spend less, eat healthier and exercise more.

As I often have in the past, I’m also resolving to get — and stay — more organized. One problem I’ve encountered, however, has been the paradox of spending less while doing so.


Getting organized often requires purchasing containers, shelving and other materials, but the good news is that often the storage solutions we seek lie hidden in the objects we already have.


Ever wonder what to do with all those gift baskets you got for the holidays? Line them with stitched-together kitchen towels or other decorative fabric and use them for storage. Place anything inside from fruit and vegetables to doggy toys, magazines and throw blankets.


Decorative kitchenware

Use your pretty glasses and bowls to store things like cotton balls in the bathroom. You can even use them for your toothbrush. In the home-office, use them to store your desk essentials. Add a pop of color by placing them on top of a decorative tray. In need of a tray? Cover an old baking pan with decorative paper or spray paint.

Cleansing-wipe containers


Once you’ve used up your disinfecting wipes, you can repurpose the container. Cover them in decorative paper or fabric (I like using wallpaper samples.) Then, use them to pack away plastic bags.

Dresser drawers

Before you throw out or donate your hardly used dresser, consider repurposing the drawers. You can even decorate them with fabric and a glue gun. Then, simply roll them under your bed for hidden and easy-to-access organization.

Cutlery tray

When we moved last year, I decided to keep our cutlery trays, even though they didn’t fit in our new kitchen drawers. I’ll use them for organizing other things by simply spray painting the tray in my favorite aqua color and labeling the compartments for things like keys, sunglasses and running watches.


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