The life of a homeowner is unpredictable. From storm-damaged roofs and extended power outages to a cabinet door ready to fall off its hinges, it’s important to fix issues quickly before they become a hazard.

With the DIY idea growing, an increasing number of people are completing repair projects on their own to help save money.

If you plan ahead, it allows you to focus on the home project instead of scrambling to find the tools and information needed for completion. Consider the following tips to ensure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.


Mastering quick fixes


Keeping up with simple tasks helps prevent bigger issues down the road. Common tools such as power drills, pliers, hammers and screwdrivers help with basic home repairs.

Completing projects

Installing a new floor, replacing old windows, repairing walkways, updating your landscaping and adding new caulking around the tub are all commonsense projects to keep your home in top shape. Tools such as a saw, nailer, chisel, sledge hammer and utility knife will help complete these projects and are tools that will be used frequently.

Don’t wait

Storms, power outages and other disasters will always be a risk-no matter how major or minor. A few simple purchases ahead of time, such as flashlights, battery-powered chargers, and portable generators will make emergencies easier to manage.

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