If you’re ready for your first-ever home renovation, take notes from seasoned renovators.

They will tell you that even the most carefully orchestrated renovation will require some major life adjustments.


Here’s some advice for first-timers:

1. Prior planning.

Don’t skimp on planning. You’ll need to decide how you will finance the project, select a contractor and deal with potentially major issues that could arise.


2. The right contractor.

Most homeowners continue to live in their homes during a major renovation, so you’ll be spending a lot of time with your contractor. For that reason, you must hire a professional contractor that you feel comfortable with.

3. The little things may end up getting to you.


While your contractor is tearing down walls and re-creating your living space, life will still go on in your home. It’s important to communicate with them on how you can work together to make the renovation go smoothly.

4. It will be worth it.

With care, preparation and patience, your home renovation will be a rewarding experience.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.