B+G Design Build offers the complete package of architectural and construction services to suit a wide range of project types. B+G Design Build is a licensed and insured general contracting company with the professionalism and experience needed to ensure all standards of quality and timelines are met with precision.

From commercial expansions and construction of new custom homes to renovations and additions, the company’s all-in-house advantage streamlines the entire process. B+G Design Build gains additional support from its parent company, B+G Innovations, a lifestyle brand providing eco-minded products and services from concept to realization. In partnership with the entire B+G Innovations family, consisting of B+G Products, B+G Imports, B+G Properties and B+G Smart Tech, B+G Design Build is uniquely situated to provide not only your complete design and build needs, but also a host of other products and services.


B+G Products is the perfect supplement to your new home or renovation from B+G Design Build. B+G Products offers a full range of sustainably minded, locally designed, and handcrafted pieces of furnishings and architectural art.

Each piece is fully customizable to suit the needs of the aesthetic vision and functionality. From furnishings and illuminating accents to water features and more, all are perfectly integrated during the B+G design and build phase.

B+G Imports sources products and materials from eco-minded partners who share in the need for a sustainable future.

B+G Imports offers furnishings, building products and materials with an emphasis on eco practices, handmade quality and ethical craftsmanship. With B+G Imports providing materials and products direct to its source, the company is able to deliver lower prices and superior products to every client.


B+G Properties provides turnkey development services, including CPRs, entitlements, financial analysis, planning, consultation and much more. It is through this familiarity with the entire development process that B+G Properties is fully able to appreciate the significance of budgets, time-lines, coordination and quality.

The B+G Smart Tech division is focused on integrating living environments with devices that enhance lifestyles and automate tasks related to lighting, energy use, security and comfort. In a world where technology is a part of our everyday lives, B+G Smart Tech is developing solutions to create more intuitive spaces using home and building automation systems. With all five entities working together to provide this all-encompassing approach of “Concept to Realization,” B+G is able to ensure higher quality, lower costs and most importantly, satisfied clients.

The B+G vision serves as a solution and model that contributes to an expanding awareness of how we hand over this world to our future generations. By staying true to its ethos, values and vision, B+G Innovations makes its mission to enhance the way in which the world evolves. The goal is to create safer, cleaner and more sustainable lifestyles for those in the community with the solutions, knowledge and experience that B+G Innovations has to offer.

contact // 426-5879
address // 619 Mapunapuna St.
web // BlueandGreenInnovations.com