Every year there are more and more people giving and receiving Wash-lets as Christmas gifts. What is a

Washlet? The modern bidet seat (Washlet) is an electronic seat that mounts on a standard toilet and converts it into a personal hygiene system, often with more features than a freestanding bidet.


Until recently, most Americans would never entertain the idea of installing a bidet in their homes. But with travel to Asia and abroad, many local people are starting to take notice of this wonderful device that replaces one’s toilet seat — the TOTO Wash-let. The popularity of the TOTO Washlet has been growing rapidly, as more consumers are being educated about the health benefits of using the Washlet.

The Washlet’s ability to gently cleanse without abrasion brings with it surprising health benefits. Since a spray of water is cleaner and less abrasive than even the softest of toilet papers, it can provide relief for those with hemorrhoids and for women during and after pregnancy. It also provides safer cleansing for anyone with

a weakened immune system, where prevention of infection is extra important.

Because a Washlet only requires an electrical outlet in order to function, it is the perfect gift idea for those who love the clean feeling that a bidet provides, but do not have the space or pre-existing plumbing to install one. A Washlet can be added to most standard toilets in a matter of minutes using only a screwdriver. As long as you have a GFCI outlet to plug into, then the person receiving the Washlet as a gift can be seated and enjoying their present the same day.


Those who have recently travelled abroad have probably noticed that most of Europe and Asia have already been converted from conventional bidets to the newer, more luxurious Washlet. This is due, in part, to the many additional features that can be included in an electronic system versus a conventional bidet.

The Washlet can offer such features as: auto open/close, remote seat lift, multiple water sprays, adjustable oscillating swing-spray nozzle, pulsating massage sprays, adjustable pressure, adjustable temperatures, both front and rear washing, drying, heated seats, automatic bowl sanitation and even a built-in air purifier, so don’t be afraid to whip up your famous holiday bean dip.

The Bathroom Store has been TOTO’s premier Washlet distributor for almost 20 years. Stop by its Dillingham showroom to find that perfect Christmas gift for you or someone you love.

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