One of the many benefits of decorative concrete flooring is that color choices are unlimited. Granicrete Hawaii offers more than 60 different colorants that will yield limitless looks on interiors and exteriors. Whether you want a neutral, classic look, or something bold and trendy, the company has something for you.

2015 color trends name gray as a staple that will be around for years to come. Gray is a classic neutral color that can be cool, warm and even electric with metallic colors. Gray floors will compliment any decor with shades that range from a soft whisper to a deep, dark hue. A neutral flooring color will never go out of style or overpower a space, allowing you more freedom with furniture and accessories.



Granicrete Hawaii installers recently finished an installation of a medium gray-colored overlay on exterior concrete. The homeowner no longer wanted mildewed concrete surfaces, but desired a clean and modern look to match the decor of her home.

Installers applied a Granicrete overlay on the driveway, carport, patio and walk-ways. She opted for an overlay without a pattern and a troweled finish that provides the necessary traction for exteriors. Now the homeowner has stylish and easy-to-maintain concrete surfaces.

Other colors that are hot for 2015 are greens, blues and coral. Yes, Granicrete Hawaii can create the perfect shade should you decide to go bold with one of those colors on your floor. Installers can add color directly to existing interior and exterior concrete with stains and dyes. No two floors turn out the same; there is a unique finish every time. Colors can also be mixed to create natural stone, marble, wood or leather effects.



Granicrete overlays are specially formulated concrete mixes that bond to your existing concrete. They are used to mask imperfections like minor cracks, chips or patches, providing a fresh new surface for coloring. Overlays can achieve lighter and more vibrant hues, and are hand-finished, so you can choose the look: smooth and seamless floors, a tile pattern in your choice of color and size, a stone design or decorative borders.

Finish your floors in the color and design you desire. Visit Granicrete Hawaii’s showroom Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to see samples.

View its photo gallery online at The company also offers DIY classes for decorative concrete flooring and countertops.

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