With more than 24 years of experience, it’s no wonder Al’s Bathtub Refinishing can provide the very best and safest glazes available for you and your family. Upgrade your home for very little expense, and get the value of new from Al’s Bathtub.

It’s all in the glaze

Al’s Bathtub Refinishing uses only the best glazes in the market from Kott Koatings. These glazes have been specially formulated to give you the very best in durability and ease of cleaning. This system and glazes are designed to bond directly to your tub, sink or shower. Al Fernandez, owner of Al’s Bathtub Refinishing, asked, “Why in the world would you want a urethane car paint put on your bathtub when it wasn’t designed for that?”

More than 55 years ago, Kott Koatings developed a process that can actually restore a worn bathroom or kitchen fixtures, such as bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile walls, fiberglass surfaces and countertops without removing the item. That’s right, all work is done on location (In-Situ) without disturbing the walls, floors or plumbing fixtures surrounding that fixture.

For example, you can actually take a worn, damaged, hard to clean bathtub and give it new life by repairing and resurfacing it with Al’s Bathtub Refinishing using these exclusive glazes. These special glazes are used only by authorized Kott Koatings dealers, and are the only glazes of their kind, as well as being the only glazes that were actually developed specifically for the porcelain refinishing field.


They are also the only glazes developed and tested to be both safe and non-toxic for the most stringent of surfaces.

Here is what else the pros at Al’s Bathtub Refinishing are able to restore:

• Bathtubs
• Fiberglass
• Ceramic tile
• Countertops
• Shower stalls
• Cultured marble
• Formica
• Acrylic tubs

Call Al’s Bathtub Refinishing for a free estimate at 679-8297, or email the company at alsbathtubrefinishing@gmail.com.

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