Frank Duarte, owner of D’s Plumbing, expressed, “Serving the people in the state of Hawaii, and giving customer satisfaction has always been the goal of D’s Plumbing from day one — ever since starting out in the business some 34 years ago.”

Experience should always be essential when choosing a contractor. Your home is one of the greatest investments that you could have, and so it stands to reason that you would want to be confident with someone who has experience in this business.


Although D’s plumbing is a small company, it is a reputable one with high standards. As the holiday season approaches, it is not too late to enhance your bathroom or kitchen, and it only takes one call to D’s Plumbing to create a dream come true.

An average-sized bath would take approximately seven to nine working days to complete, and that would include an entire facelift that involves floor replacement; replacing your old tub with a new one or doing a tub-to-shower conversion; replacing your old vanity and top; a new medicine cabinet; a new toilet; all new plumbing with upgrades to electrical lighting and plug outlets; and lastly, painting the entire bathroom.


Your choices are numerous, whether you’ll be using ceramic tiles, cultured marble, corian or granite for your finish, walls and countertops. The company’s cabinets are comprised of all wood (no particle boards) and range from dark cherry to maple finishes.


As for kitchen renovations, for a normal size, it would take approximately 13 to 15 working days. This includes all demolition, hauling away all unwanted materials, installing ceramic tile flooring, new base and wall cabinets, new countertops, all new plumbing, new electrical lighting and outlets to meet code installation of a new dishwasher and microwave, as well as painting the kitchen area.

If you would like to extend either your bathroom or kitchen, D’s Plumbing can do that too. The company is also a general contractor, meaning its staff can design/build whatever you want within your budget.

There have been companies that will tell you not to replace your tub because reglazing it is cheaper than installing a new one. That statement could be true in regards to reglazing being cheaper initially, but giving your tub a facelift does not solve the problems of old plumbing between your walls. So, why do the job twice?


Remember, reglazing your tub and walls is only a temporary solution. Some people will tell you that they carry a license for this or that, take your money and then you never see them again. This happens all too often. Be sure you know who you are dealing with by calling the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs.

Again, whether considering new or renovating, call the company that has been doing it for more than three generations. That’s D’s Plumbing. Check out the company’s website at You will be glad you did.

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