As the year comes to a close and we reflect upon the past, looking toward the future, there are so many things that a new year can bring. One of the things you always need to be aware of as a property manager or property management company is the constant upkeep of your properties. Everyone going into real estate knows that one of the most important things to keep on top of is property management. Of course, the type of management you will need depends on what type of property you’ve invested in. Homeowners will likely need to hire a handyman, you may need to find Strata Management in Adelaide if you own a property group, and if you’re a landlord then you should ensure the maintenance needs of your property are met.

Rental property owners need to be assured that their properties are up to a high standard and that their tenants are good ones. A tenant screening from companies such as AAOA may be needed in instances such as this.


If you haven’t submitted a tenant to a screening or credit check, then don’t be too surprised when they start to not pay their rent and fees. In situations like that you may need to evict them and consult a company like Equity Experts debt collection to make sure you get what you are owed. It can be a headache so it’s always best to be prepared for that event.

After your tenant moves out, you may look to renovate the property due to damages, changes you want to make, or just regular wear and tear over time. With renovations comes a required building permit, which APAC LLC can help you with, minus the headache and hassle of running around.

Said APAC LCC client Craig Tamashiro, property manager, “After one of my tenants moved out, the owner wanted to upgrade that rental unit. I needed help getting a building permit for the renovation work … and fast.


“I called APAC LLC, and they took care of the entire permitting process, from the architectural designing to processing the building permit, getting all the proper approvals. I not only handed over the project to them, but I also handed over the stresses and worries. They did not disappoint, and even exceeded my expectations. They were able to get an approved building permit a lot quicker than if I were to have done it myself. I was able to get the renovation work done and have the unit rented out again in no time!”


Construction time, in itself, can already have possible unexpected things come up that cause a delay in the renovation process. This slows down everything, including income coming in from the rental property.

At APAC LLC, the company specializes in expediting the permit process, and was the very first company authorized in Hawaii as a “Qualified Prescreening” company by the City and County of Honolulu for ePlans (a program designed to electronically review building permit plans ( Services.aspx).

APAC LLC is a locally owned and operated architectural consulting company, and the No. 1 residential permitting routing company in the state of Hawaii.

APAC LLC specializes in design and conceptualization, and is a fully licensed architectural firm that will stick with your project from inception to completion. Make sure you give the company a call when you think of renovating your property in the coming year.


The company would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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