Did you know you can still put the sun to work to save electricity and money, without long wait times and with no need for approval from the utility? It’s true.

Virtually any Hawaii homeowner, regardless of where they live in the islands, can cut hot water heating costs in half by getting “back to basics,” and installing a solar hot water heater. Because a solar hot water heater has never required a connection to the power grid, no HECO involvement is needed.


Craig Kawamura, sales director at Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI), said, “With all the news about the utility blocking solar PV installations in certain high-penetration neighborhoods, we want to make sure people don’t forget about one of the most basic, easy ways to save money with the sun.” AEI got its start in the solar business more than 20 years ago installing solar water heating (SWH), and it’s never stopped. “We’ll always be committed to helping residents install SWH,” Craig said. “Because while PV can help you generate electricity, SWH can help you save it. We want to help people get back to basics!'”

Water heating is the single biggest consumer of electricity in a home, and can account for 30-50 percent of your electric bill. So with a solar hot water heater, a typical household of four can save almost 2,200 kWh per year, or a whopping $755 in cash.

The average cost of a SWH system after Hawaii’s generous instant rebates and tax credits is about $2,000, so it will pay for itself in just three to four years. With regular home maintenance plus a professional tune up once every three to five years from AEI, which can double the life of your system, a SWH can last a generation or more. And best of all, no HECO approval is needed.

But believe it or not, three out of four Hawaii households still aren’t taking advantage of this simple, affordable way to save money. If you’re one of them, let AEI help you make the switch to solar today.


Founded in 1993 as one of Hawaii’s oldest kamaaina solar companies, visit the company today at its storefront located in Mapunapuna at 803 Ahua St., or give its knowledgeable staff a call at 842-5853 (Oahu) or 872-9592 (Maui). You may also visit the company’s website online at www.alternateenergyhawaii.com.