APAC LLC, a local, family owned and operated, licensed architect consultant company, is a one-stop shop for any project, big or small. The company handles everything from conception to design, to obtaining a building permit, and all the way through construction.


APAC LLC also provides architectural consultant services to architects, contractors, engineers and homeowners. Tackling the often tedious task of permits, APAC LLC is also the No. 1 residential building permit routing company in Hawaii.

“We have been using APAC LLC for all our permit routing needs for a few months now. We have been able to get our permits a lot quicker than before. The faster we can get the permits, the faster we can finish the projects, which means we can get paid faster and move on to the next project. For us, it’s a no-brainer that we use APAC LLC to handle all our building permits,” said APAC LLC client Chris Uehara, PIERS LLC.

JENKEN Pacific Inc., in conjunction with APAC LLC, is the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Planning & Permitting (DPP)’s new qualified ePlans prescreener. As the qualified ePlans prescreener, APAC LLC will collaborate with clients and/or design professionals to perform and expedite the prescreening process. It was the very first company authorized as a “qualified prescreening” company by the City and County of Honolulu for ePlans.

Additionally, because APAC LLC has an in-house licensed architect, who can provide its clients with blueprint designs, the company also has various extended capabilities that many other companies may not have, such as turning your paper wide-format plans into electronic files, scanning pages (as most office copiers are not capable of scanning larger sizes), and even clearing out clutter of old drawings/plans.


By turning a client’s old stack of archived drawings into digital copies, the company can provide its clients with a space-saving, safe (from damage or loss) option to save plans on record that are needed for at least a few years after the project is completed.

APAC LLC offers free consultations, and will gladly work with your budget on a fixed rate that is not only reasonable and affordable, but definitely worth your peace of mind. Give the company a call today.

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